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Damege to ICRC

The International Coastal Research Center (ICRC) was seriously damaged by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Damege to ICRC1

1. The first Tsunami waves hit Hyoutan-jima island and afterwards, research vessel “Yayoi” sank while anchored at moorage.

Damege to ICRC2

2. The main building of the research center was flooded above the 2nd floor by the tsunami. The maximum water level reached to 3rd floor.

Damege to ICRC3

3. A mountain of debris was left at the research center by the tsunami.

Damege to ICRC4

4. Even the iron doors at the seaside, as well as glass windows on 2nd floor were completely destroyed.

Damege to ICRC5

5. Lots of debris were also left around the outdoor aquarium. The dormitory for researchers (at left) was completely flooded.

Damege to ICRC6

6. The embankment to Hyoutan-jima island disappeared, and the seawall was left under water after significant coastline retreat.

Damege to ICRC7

7. The main entrance hall

Damege to ICRC8

8. An aquarium stored in a separate room was found inside an office.

Damege to ICRC9

9. A laboratory

Damege to ICRC10

10.The stone pillar originally placed at the gate of the research center