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Cooperative Research System


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology just authorized AORI as a "Joint Usage/Research Center" for all the researchers in Japan who conduct basic research on atmosphere and ocean science.


Research Vessels Hakuho Maru and Shinsei Maru

Hakuho Maru is a research vessel that conducts relatively long research cruises including in far seas and adjacent seas. Research plans are set by open-application every three years. Then there are also open offerings based on the plan for one-fiscal year. Open-application for Shinsei Maru is advertised every year mainly for investigative research in the ocean around Japan.

Open application for joint usage and cooperative research at Kashiwa

There are cooperative research systems such as for a "short-term visiting scientist" and the use of a large-scale computer. There are also programs that support scientific meetings with many participants that last for a day or two and scientific gatherings with relatively small numbers of participants that last for a few days.

Cooperative Research at the International Coastal Research Center

There is a system for researchers both inside/outside the Institute that allows them to stay and conduct research at the International Coastal Research Center in the town of Otsuch,Iwate Prefecture. We also accept proposals for relatively small research meetings.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research

AORI provides research funds for creative research plans proposed by domestic and international interdisciplinary research groups including faculty members of AORI. In particular, the Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics is the core program to promote such collaborative research.


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