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About AORI

The Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI) was established in the University of Tokyo by a merger of the Ocean Research Institute and the Center Of Climate System Research in 2010. The institute has endeavored to support and manage cooperative scientific research using research vessels as well as its other facilities. The faculty of AORI has also participated in education in the Graduate Schools of Science, Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Frontier Sciences within the university.


Active researches on ocean and atomospheric sciences in AORI are being conducted in the nine departments, and four research centers. Please see the page of "Research Activities".


The faculty of AORI collaborates with the graduate schools of The University of Tokyo and is in charge of it's student's education. Students who would like to study at AORI have to enroll in the graduate school that each particular faculty member of AORI belongs to. (See this page.) Otherwise we accept some students as "research students" who are college graduates or those who are at the same level.


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology just authorized AORI as a "Joint Usage / Research Center" for all the researchers in Japan who conduct basic research on atmosphere and ocean science.

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