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Educational Activities

Prospective Postgraduate Students

Welcome to the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), of The University of Tokyo.

You need to choose a professor in your field of interest prior to application. Please feel free to contact any professor of interest via email if you have any questions. There are marine science internships every March and April for undergraduate students and an information session is held for any prospective postgraduate students in early June of each year at our institute. Please join them if you are interested.

Professors of our institute belong to one or more of the following graduate schools, and engage in graduate programs though lecturing and supervision of graduate students.

Graduate School of Science Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Graduate School of Engineering

You will be required to take entrance examinations offered by the department that your professor of interest belongs to. Please check the Graduate Programs and faculty lists for more information on the official websites of professors, their email addresses, and the departments that each professor belongs to.

Note: "Visas and Status of Residence", "Alien Registration", etc.
Handbook of KASHIWA Campus LifePDFファイル

Please see schedules of entrance examinations in 2011PDF file(83KB).

Marine Science Internships (This program is held from March to May each year.)

We offer marine science internships every spring for undergraduate students, in which they can learn about the latest research in marine science. If you are interested in the internships, please apply for them.

Information session for prospective postgraduate students (This session is held in June each year.)

An information session for prospective postgraduate students is held in every June (usually on Saturday) at our institute. During the session, you can obtain detailed information about our institute and talk directly to professors.