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Center for Cooperative Research Promotion

The Center for Cooperative Research Promotion was established in April 2010 by consolidating all the technicians and technical support staff of the institute into one organization. It aims to enhance its activities to support visiting scientists who participate in cooperative research programs using the research vessels Shinsei Maru and Hakuho Maru and/or research facilities in the institute, to introduce new equipment and technologies to the institute, and to maintain the research facilities in the institute. The center consists of four organizations that are the Coastal Research Support Section, Laboratory Research Support Section, Field Research Support Section and Center for Research Cruise Coordination.

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Center for Cruise Coordination

This center makes cooperative cruise plans for the two research vessels Shinsei Maru and Hakuho Maru based on the decisions by the cooperative research vessel steering committee. In order to promote harmonious cooperative cruises, this center connects and coordinates among scientists as users of the cooperative research, the Field Research Support Section, which provides technical support for cruises, and exterior organizations such as the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), which operates the research vessels with the AORI, the authorities concerned, and fishermen's cooperative associations.

Field Research Support Section

This section provides support for both R/V Shinsei Maru and R/V Hakuho Maru research cruises. Its main task is technical support of scientific equipment, primarily through shipboard instruction. Other tasks include maintenance and enhancement of equipment for common use, expert advice on cruise planning, and dock service. It also selects, develops, and purchases new equipment. The section is supervised by a manager and works together with the Center for Cruise Coordination for scientific planning of research cruises.

Laboratory Research Support Section

The Laboratory Research Support Section is responsible for the overall management, including maintenance, of common research facilities. Support Section staff contribute to the maintenance of research instruments throughout the newly expanded and improved AORI facility, and also provide technical advice and cooperation to users. The staff are encouraged to acquire and to develop new skills and techniques that will advance research capabilities at AORI.

Coastal Research Support Section

The International Coastal Research Center (ICRC) was located in the town of Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, along the species rich and highly productive central Sanriku coast, where it provided operational and facilities support to visiting marine scientists. On March 11, 2011,all facilities and equipment, including research vessels, were either severely damaged or entirely destroyed during the Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tsunami. The research vessel and boats,and the 3rd floor of the damaged main building of ICRC have been renovated, and the cooperative research program has been restarted.

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