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ORI Publication Lists (Scientific Articles) 1999


Physical Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Ocean Floor Geoscience
Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
Marine Life Science
Living Marine Resources

Physical Oceanography

  1. CHUDA, Takashi : Vertical fine structures in the troposphere (in Japanese), Tenki, 46, 238-239, 1999.
  2. GUO, Xueliang, Hiroshi NIINO and Ryuji KIMURA : Numerical simulation of a downburst-producing convective storm: Some preliminary results, Proceedings of Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Thermal Convection Dynamics -- Structure and Flow Fields --, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, 1115, 165-180, 1999.
  3. GUO, Xueliang, Hiroshi NIINO and Ryuji KIMURA, 1999: Numerical modelling on a hazardous microburst-producing hailstorm, Proceedings of International Symposium on Digital Earth, Science Press, Beijing, 383-398.
  4. IWASAKA, Naoto, Hirotaka. OTOBE and Momoko AOSHIMA, Field experiments of a compact, self-contained surface meteorological observation system for Merchant ships (in Japanese with English abstract), Journal of the Tokyo University of Merchantile Marine (Natural Sciences) 50, 13-24, 1999.
  5. TOYODA, Eizi , Hiroshi NIlNO, Kazuhisa TSUBOKI, Ryuji KIMURA and Masanori YOSHIZAKI: Mid-tropospheric anticyclonic vortex street associated with a cloud band near a cold front. Joumal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 56, 2637-2656, 1999.
  6. KISHI, Michio J., and Shinzou FUJIO: Estimation of Spawning Area of the Japanese Eel, Anguilla japonica, by numerical experiment. Umi-no-Kenkyu, 8, 2, 129-133, 1999.
  7. MORI, Atsushi and Hiroshi NIINO : Formation process of horizontal convection, Proceedings of Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Thermal Convection Dynamics--Structure and Flow Fields (in Japanese), Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, 1115,135-152, 1999.
  8. MOURI, Hideaki, Hiroto KUBOTANI, Tokunosuke FUJITANl, Hiroshi NIlNO and Masanori TAKAOKA : Wavelet analyses of velocities in laboratory isotropic turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics , 389, 229 - 254, 1999.
  9. NIINO, Hiroshi: Unveiling the mystery of tornadoes (in Japanese), Parity, 14, 61-65, 1999.
  10. NIINO, Hiroshi and Akira NODA : Numerical simulation of a mini-supercell over Kanto plain on 19 September 1990. Proceedings of Workshop on Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction and its Applications, Japan Meteor. Agency and Ship & Ocean Foundation, 69-72, 1999.
  11. NOGUCHI, Takashi and Hiroshi NIINO : Double diffusive convection in the oceans and laboratory (in Japanese), Proceedings of Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Thermal Convection Dynamics--Structure and Flow Fields, Research lristitute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, 1115,153-164, 1999.
  12. OTOBE, Hirotaka, Mariko OHTSUKI, Koichi MORITA, Masataka KUROSAWA, Yukichi IWAWA and Kouzo KASIWAZAKl, Results of oceanographic and meteorological observation in Otsuchi Bay (in Japanese), Otsuchi, Marine Research Center Report , 24, 58-72, 1999.
  13. TAIRA, Keisuke: Ocean forecasting -The goal of Global Ocean Observing System (in Japanese). Trends in the Sciences, 4, 8, 16-19, 1999. TAIRA, Keisuke: Mechanism of ocean currents. Kowan, Japan Port and Harbour Association, 76, 6-9, 1999.
  14. TAIRA, Keisuke: Prospect of Ocean Science in Japan. Proceedings of the International Symposium, A Prospect of Ocean Science and Technology in the 21st Century. Korea Maritime University, Pusun, Korea, 15-24, 1999.
  15. YAMASHIRO, Toru, Akio MAEDA, Masahito SAKURAI and Masaki KAWABE: Fluctuations of current velocity and temperature related with the Kuroshio path variation in the Tokara Strait. The 10th PAMS/JECSS Workshop Extended Abstract, A20-A23, 1999.

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Chemical Oceanography

  1. ALIBO, Dia Sotto, Yoshiyuki NOZAKI and Catherine JEANDEL: Indium and yttrium in North Atlantic and Mediterranean waters: comparison to the Pacific data. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 63, 1991-1999, 1999.
  2. ALIBO. Dia Sotto and Yoshiyuki NOZAKI : Rare earth elements in seawater: Particle association, shale-normalization, and Ce oxidation, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta , 63, 363-372, 1999
  3. DOUVILLE, E. , P. BIENVENU, J-L. CHARLOU, J-P. DONVAL, Y. FOUQUET, P. APPRIOU, Toshitaka GAMO: Yttrium and rare earth elements in fluids from various deep-sea hydrothermal systems. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta , 63, 627-643, 1999.
  4. FUJIMOTO, Hiromi, Machilde CANNAT, Kantaro FUJIOKA, Toshitaka GAMO, Chris GERMAN, Catherine MEVEL, Ute MUENCH, Suguru OHTA, Masahisa OYAIZU, Lindsay PARSON, Roger SEARLE, Yoshiki SOHRIN, and Tomohiro YAMA-ASHI: First submersible investigation of mid-ocean ridges in the Indian Ocean. InterRidge News, 8(1), 22-24, 1999.
  5. GAMO, Toshitaka: Global warming may have slowed down the deep conveyor belt of a marginal sea of the northwestern Pacific: Japan Sea. Geophysical Research Letters, 26, 3141-3144, 1999.
  6. GAMO, Toshitaka: Looking into the earth interior through windows of the deep seafloor---methane seepage from the Nankai Trough(in Japanese with English abstract). Journal of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology , 64, 173-183, 1999.
  7. GAMO, Toshitaka: Deep seafloor hydrothermal systems: an overview(in Japanese with English abstract).Vica Origino, 27(3) , 149-170, 1999.
  8. ISHIBASHI, Junichiro, Kei OKAMURA. Daisuke TSUMUNE, Koichi NAKAMURA, Tetsuro URABE, Kiminori SHITASHIMA, K. ROE, J.P. COWEN, D. A. BUTTERFIELD, Toshitaka GAMO: Geochemical studies of hydrothermal activities along the S-EPR by Shinkai 6500 (2)(in Japanese with English abstract) . JAMSTEC Journal of Deep Sea Research , 14, 53-59, 1999.
  9. ISHIBASHI, Junichiro and Toshitaka GAMO: Circulation and enrichment of chemical elements due to submarine hydrothermal activity (in Japanese). Kagaku-Kogyo , 50, 352-357, 1999.
  10. KOIKE, Isao: Evaluation of the roles of microorganisms in marine ecosystems - Progress during the last half of this century (In Japanese) . Kaiyo-to-Seibutsu, 21, 130-135, 1999
  11. KOIKE, Isao: Element cycles and biological activities in the benthic boundary layer - Background and problems (In Japanese). Kaiyo-to- Seibutsu, 21, 410-411, 1999.
  12. KOIKE, Isao: Interactions between element cycles and microbial metabolisms in the ocean (In Japanese). Umi-no-Kenkyu, 8,417-427, 1999.
  13. MITA, Hajime, Nobue FUKUNAGA, Akira SHIMOYAMA: Characterization of dicarboxylic acids in the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary sediments at Kawaruppu, Hokkaido, Japan, and comparison with those of carbonaceous chondrites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 62, 3695-3702, 1998.
  14. MIYAJIMA, Toshihiro, Eitaro WADA: Sulfate-induced isotopic variation in biogenic methane from tropical swamp without anaerobic methane oxidation. Hydrobiologia, 382, 113-118, 1999.
  15. NAGATA, Toshi and David L. KIRCHMAN: Bacterial mortality: A pathway for the formation ofrefractory DOM? In: Microbial Biosystems: New Frontiers (eds. Bell, C.R., Brylinsky, M. and Johnson-Green P.) Atlantic Canada Society for Microbial Ecology, Halifax 1999.
  16. NISHIO, Yoshiro, Teruaki ISHII, Toshitaka GAMO, Yujj SANO: Carbon-nitrogen-helium-argon isotope systematics of mid-ocean ridge basalt glasses from Rodriguez Triple Junction, Indian Ocean: Mantle heterogeneity of volatile. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 170, 241-253, 1999.
  17. NOZAKI, Yoshiyuki, Dia Sotto ALIBO, Hiroshi AMAKAWA, Toshitaka GAMO and Hiroshi HASUMOTO: Dissolved rare earth eelments and hydrography in the sulu Sea. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta . , 2171-2181, 1999.
  18. OGAWA, Hiroshi, Rumi FUKUDA and Isao KOIKE: Vertical distributions of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen in the Southern Ocean. Deep- Sea Research I, 46, 1809-1826, 1999.
  19. OGAWA, Hiroshi: Microbial utilization of dissolved organic matter in sea water: The latest trend of the research from biogeochemical viewpoints (In Japanese with English abstract). Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan, 46, 34-42, 1999.
  20. SANO, Yuji, Kentaro TERADA, Hiroshi HIDAKA, Yoshiro NISHIO, Hiroshi AMAKAWA and Yoshiyuki NOZAKI : Ion-microprobe analysis of rare earth elements in oceanic basalt glass. Analytical Sciences, 15, 743-748, 1999.
  21. SOHRIN, Yoshiki, Toshitaka GAMO and the shipboard science party of the INDOYO: CTD observations to searoh for hydrothermal activity on the southwest Indian Ridge and the central Indian Ridge just north of the Rodriguez Triple Junction: the Yokosuka/Shinkai MODE' 98 Leg 3 INDOYO cruise. JAMSTEC Journal of Deep Sea Research, 15 (11), 7-11, 1999.
  22. TSUNOGAl, Urumu, Naohiro YOSHIDA, Toshitaka GAMO: Carbon isotopic compositions of C2-C5 hydrocarbons and methyl chloride in urban, coastal and maritime atmosphere over western-North Pacific. Journal of Geophysical Research , 104 (D13) , 16033-16039, 1999.
  23. UEMATSU, Mitsuo: Influence of aerosols originated from the Asian Continent to the marine environment (in Japanese). Aerosol Research, 14, 209-213, 1999.

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Ocean Floor Geoscience

  1. ARIMA, Makoto, Kan AOIKE, and Shinichi KAWATE: Tectonic evolution ofthe Tanzawa Mountainland. Res. Rep. Kanagawa prefect. Mus. Nat.Hist., 9, 57-77,1999.
  2. AOIKE, Kan: Tectonic evolution of the Izu Collision Zone. Res. Rep.Kanagawa prefect. Mus. Nat. Hist., 9,113-151, 1999.
  3. CROSSLEY, D. , J. HINDERER, G. CASULA, O. FRANCIS, H. -T. HSU, Y. IMANISHl, G. JENTZSCH, J. KAARIAINEN, J. MERRIAM, B. MEURERS, J. NEUMEYER, B. RICHTER, K. SHIBUYA, T. SATO and T. VAN DAM : Network of superconducting gravimeters benefits a number of IDisciplines. Eos Trans. AGU, 80, 121, 125-126, 1999.
  4. CUREWITZ, Daniel, and Jeffrey A. KARSON: Ultracataclasis, sintering, and frictional melting in pseudotachylytes from East Greenland. Journal of Structural Geology, 21, 1693-1713, 1999.
  5. EGUCHI, Nobuhisa O., Hodaka KAWAHATA and Asahiko TAIRA: Seasonal Response of Planktonic Foraminifera to Surface Ocean Condition:Sediment Trap Results from the Central North Pacific Ocean.Journal of Oceanography, 55, 681-691,1999.
  6. EGUCHI, Nobuhisa O., Saneatu SAITO and Asahiko TAIRA: JOIDES ResolutionYokohama Port call (in Japanese). Journal of the Japan Societyfor Marine Surveys and Technology, 11(2), 43 -46, 1999.
  7. EVANS, R. L. , P. TARITS, A. D. CHAVE, A. WHITE, G. HEINSON, J. H. FILLOUX, H. TOH, N. SEAMA, H. UTADA, J. R. BOOKER and M. J. UNSWORTH: Asymmetric electrical structure in the mantle beneath the East Pacific Rise at 17S. Science, 286, 752-756, 1999.
  8. FUJIMOTO, H. , M. CANNAT, K. FUJIOKA, T. GAMO, C. GERMAN, IC. MEVEL, U. MUENCH, S. OHTA, M. OYAIZU, L. PARSON, R. SEARLE, Y. SOHRIN, and T. YAMA-ASHI : Submersible investigation of the mid-ocean ridges near the triple junction in the Indian Ocean. JAMSTEC J. Deep Sea Res., 15(ll), 1-6, 1999.
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  11. FUJIMOTO, H. and M. MOCHIZUKI: Monitoring of the spreading activity of the mid-ocean ridge with seafloor acoustic ranging and pressure measurement (in Japanese). Kaiyo Monthly, Spec. 19, 42-48, 1999.
  12. FUJIOKA, Kantaro, Kyoko OKINO, Toshiya KANAMATSU, Yasuhiko OHARA, Osamu ISHIZUKA, Satoru HARAGUCHI, and Teruaki ISHII: Enigmatic extinct spreading center in the West Philippine backarc basin unveiled. Geology, 27, 1135-1138, 1999.
  13. GRUN(Gru。ッn), R., A. TANI, A. GURVANOV, D. KOSHCHUG, I. WILLIAMS and J.BRAUN: A new。。method for the estimation of cooling and denudation ratesusing paramagnetic。。centres in quartz: A case study on the Eldzhurtinskiy Granite, Caucasus. J.。。Geophys. Res.,104, 17531-17549, 1999.
  14. HYUN Sangmin, D. JOSEPH, Ortiz, ME. Raymo and Asahiko TAIRA:Low-Frequency Oscillations in Site 83 Sediments: Relationships between Carbonate and Productivity Proxies. In Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results. M. E. Raymo, E. Jansen, P. Blum and T. D. Herbert (eds), 162, 197-207, 1999.
  15. IKEHARA, Minoru, Kimitaka KAWAMURA, Naohiko OHKOUCHI and Asahiko TAIRA: Organic Geochemistry of Greenish Clay and Organic-Rich Sediments sinceThe Early Miocne from Hole 985A, Norway Basin. In Proceedingsof the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, M. E.Raymo, E. Jansen, P. Blum and T. D. Herbert (eds), 162,209-216, 1999.
  16. IMANISHI, Yuichi : On the techniques of superconducting gravimeter observation (in Japanese). Chikyu Monthly, 242, 484-488, 1999
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  20. MOCHIZUKI, K., E. ARAKI, S. YONESHIMA, F. YAMAMOTO, E. TOKUYAMA, K.SUEHIRO, A. TAIRA: Crustal structure of a plateau and its fate at a subduction zone. Earth Monthly (Special Issue),23, 149-159, 1999.
  21. MOCHIZUKI, K., E. ARAKI, S. YONESHIMA, F. YAMAMOTO, E. TOKUYAMA, K.SUEHIRO, A. TAIRA: Crustal structure of a plateau and its fate at a subduction zone. Earth Monthly (Special Issue),23, 149-159, 1999.
  22. MORITA, Sumito, Osamu ISHIZUKA, Alfred HOCHSTAETER, Teruaki ISHII,Fujio YAMAMOTO, Hidekazu TOKUYAMA, Asahiko TAIRA: Igneas and tectonichistory in the northern Izu-Ogasawara Arc. Earth Monthly(Chikyu), special issue, 23, 79-78, 1999.
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  25. OHKOUCHI, N., K. KAWAMURA, Y. KAJIWARA, E. WADA, M. OKADA, T.KANAMATSU and A. TAIRA: Sulfur isotope records around LivelloBonarelli (northren Apennines, Italy) black shale at theCenomanian-Turonian boundary. Geology,27(6), 535-538, 1999.
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  30. SATO, Tadahiro, Shuzo TAKEMOTO and Yuichi IMANISHI : GGP and GGP-Japan Network (in Japanese) . Chikyu Monthly, 242, 474-477, 1999.
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  32. TOKUYAMA, Hidekazu, Juichiro ASHI, Shin-ichi KURAMOTO , Whonn SOH , andYasutaka IKEDA: Active fault off Tokai. University of Tokyo Press, 1-178, 1999.
  33. ASHI, Juichiro, Yukinobu OKAMURA , Shin-ichi KURAMOTO , and Hidekazu TOKUYAMA: Structures of the Nankai Trough and the trench inner slope;Evolution of the accretianry prism and the forearc basin.Chishitu News, 541, 17-24, 1999.
  34. TOKUYAMA, Hidekazu and Ocean region tectonic WG: Geotectonic mappingaround Japan. Chishitsu News, 541, 10,1999.
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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

  1. BRODEUR Richard and Makoto TERAZAKI : Springtime abundance of Chaetognaths in the shelf regjon of the northern Gulf of Alaska, with observations on the vertical distribution and feeding of Sagitta elegans . Fisheries Oceanography , 8, 93-103, 1999.
  2. CHAE, Jinho and Shuhei NISHIDA: Spectral patterns of the iridescence in the males of Sapphirina (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 79, 437-443, 1999.
  3. FUJIKURA, Katsunori, Shigeaki KOJIMA, Kensaku TAMAKI, Yonosuke MAKI, James HUNT and Takashi OKUTANI : The deepest chemosynthesis-based community yet discovered from the hadal zone, 7326 m depth, in the Japan Trench. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 190, 17-26, 1999.
  4. HASHIMOTO, Jun, Suguru OHTA, Aline FIALA-MÉDIONI, Jean-Marie AUZENDE, Shigeaki KOJIMA, Michel SEGONZAC, Yoshihiro FUJIWARA, James C. HUNT, Kaul GENA, Tomoyuki MIURA, Tomohiko KIKUCHI, Toshiyuki YAMAGUCHI, Tatsuki TODA, Hitoshi CHIBA, Shinji TSUCHIDA, Junichiro ISHIBASHI, Katell HENRY, Magali ZBINDEN, Audrey PRUSKI, Akira INOUE, Hideki KOBAYASHI, Jean-Louis BIRRIEN, Jiro NAKA, Toshiro YAMANAKA, Christine LAPORTE, Kiyokazu NISHIMURA, Chris YEATS, Salam MALAGAN, Paul KIA, Masahisa OYAIZU and Takashi KATAYAMA: Hydrothermal vent communities in the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea: Results of the BIOACCESS cruises ' 96 and ' 98. InterRidge News, 8(2), 12-18, 1999.
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  6. HORI, Shigeo, Eiji TSUCHIDA, Akio G and Kazumitsu NAKAGUCHI: A record of Crenovolva (Cuspivolva) mucronata Azuma & Cate from 240-302 m deep off Amami-Oshima Island (in Japanese with English abstract). Chiribotan, 30, 27-31, 1999.
  7. ISHIGAGI , Tetsuharu and Makot TERAZAKI : Binary fission patterns of heterotrophic nano-flagel lates,Actinomonas mirabillis Kent and Cafeteria roenbergensis Fenchel and Patterson, observed with a CCD camera. La mer 36, 85-90, 1999.
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  24. TSUCHIDA, Eiji, Taiji KUROZUMI and Akio G : A new record of Trivia(Trivirostra) hallucinata Liltved from off Kerama Retto, Southern Japan (in Japanese with English abstract). Chiribotan, 29, 51-56, 1999.
  25. TSUCHIYA. Kotard, Eiji TSUCHIDA and Taiji KUROZUMI: Morum species recorded from off Mukojima Island, Ogasawara and Choho-sone Bank, Ryukyu Islands (in Japanese with English abstract). Chiribotan, 30, 59-64, 1999.
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