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History of Ocean Research Institute (from 1962 to 2010)

1958 Jan. The Oceanographic Society of Japan and the Society of Fisheries Sciences jointly proposed the establishement of Ocean Research Institute.
1958 Apr. Resolution on the establishement of Ocean Research Institute was adopted by the Science Council of Japan.
1958 Aug. The Minister of the Science and Technology Agency recommended to the Minister of Education and Culture that the new Ocean Research Institute be established in the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Ministry of Education and Culture discussed on the detailed plan of establishment.
1962 Apr. ORI , The University of Tokyo, was established, "Ocean Circulation", "Marine Geology", Research Vessel were established.
1963 Apr. "Fish Population Dynamics", "Marine Planktology" were established.
1963 Jun. Research Vessel Tansei Maru was completed.
1964 Apr. "Marine Inorganic Chemistry", "Physiology" were established.
1965 Apr. "Submarine Geophysics", "Biology of Fisheries Resources" were established.
1966 Apr. "Dynamic Marine Meteorology", "Marine Microbiology" were established.
1967 Mar. Research Vessel Hakuho Maru was completed.
1967 Jun. "Marine Biogeochemistry" was established.
1968 Apr. "Behavior, Ecology and Observation Systems" was established.
1970 Apr. "Benthos" was established.
1972 May "Fisheries Environmental Oceanography" was established.
1973 Apr. "Otsuchi Marine Research Center" was established.
1975 Apr. "Ocean Floor Geotectonics" was established.
1982 Oct. R/V Tansei Maru (2nd) was completed.
1988 Apr. Cooperative research with Indonesia was initiated through Core University Programme of Japan Society for Promotion of Science.
1989 May R/V Hakuho Maru (2nd) was completed.
1990 Jun. "Molecular Marine Biology" was established.
1994 Jun. "Center for International Cooperation" was established.
2000 Apr. ORI was recomposed of six research departments and three research centers including newly established the "Center for Environmental Research".
2001 Apr. Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Sub-division of Marine Environmental Studies was established.
2003 Apr. Otsuchi Marine Research Center was reorganaized and renamed International Coastal Research Center.
2004 Apr. The University of Tokyo was reestablished as a National University Corporation, according to which ORI restructured its organization. Center for Environmental Research was reorganized and renamed International Coastal Research Center. Two research vessels were transferred to be operated by Japan Marine Science and Technology Agency.
2006 Apr. Graduate School of Frontier Scuence was reconstituted to establish Department of Natural Environment Studies in which Course of Marine Environmental studies.
2006 Nov. "Marine Research Linkage" was established.
2009 Mar. "Ocean Alliance Section"was established.
2010 Apr. Ocean Research Institute integrated with Center for Climate System Research.

Past Directors

(deceased) Kouji Hidaka 1962.4.1 - 1964.3.31
(deceased) Yoshiyuki Matsue 1964.4.1 - 1964.9.9
(deceased) Yoshiyuki Matsue 1964.10.10 - 1965.9.30
  Yoshimitsu Ogura 1965.10.1 - 1967.9.30
(deceased) Shouji Nishiwaki 1967.10.1 - 1968.11.31
(deceased) Noriyuki Nasu 1968.12.1 - 1972.10.31
(deceased) Shouji Nishiwaki 1972.11.1 - 1974.10.31
(deceased) Shin-ichirou Uchida 1974.11.1 - 1976.4.1
(deceased) Ryuzo Marumo 1976.4.2 - 1980.4.1
(deceased) Noriyuki Nasu 1980.4.2 - 1984.4.1
  Akihiko Hattori 1984.4.2 - 1986.4.1
(deceased) Takahisa Nemoto 1986.4.2 - 1990.4.1
  Tomio Asai 1990.4.2 - 1993.3.31
  Tetsuya Hirano 1993.4.1 - 1997.3.31
  Keisuke Taira 1997.4.1 - 2001.3.31
  lsao Koike 2001.4.1 -2005.3.31
(deceased) Makoto Terazaki 2005.4.1 -2007.3.31
  Mutsumi Nishida 2007.4.1 -2010.3.31

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