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Multi-scale ocean variability and interdisciplinary research in the North Pacific

Update: 07. 05, 2019

Jul. 4, 2019(Jul. 25-26, 2019)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date : July 25th, 2019 (Thu) 13:00~17:30
          July 26th, 2019 (Fri)  9:00~15:40
Venue : International Coastal Research Center, AORI, The University of Tokyo
           1-19-8, Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate 028-1102, Japan
           Tel: +81–193–42–5611
Organizers: Satoshi OSAFUNE (RCGC, JAMSTEC; osafune[at]
           Kiyoshi TANAKA (AORI, The University of Tokyo)


(*: Invited talk)

July 25th (Thu)

13:00−13:05          Symposium opening

Session 1  Chair: Satoshi OSAFUNE (JAMSTEC)

13:05−13:30   Sachihiko ITOH* (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo) 
Ocean surface mixed layer and phytoplankton bloom

13:30−13:50   Shinya KOUKETSU (JAMSTEC)
An examination of ocean data mapping with non-stationary kernels

13:50−14:10   Kohei KAMEYAMA (Nagoya Univ.)
Importance of turbulence boundary condition for simulating typhoon-induced vertical mixing using a one-dimensional closure model

14:10−14:30   Tong WANG (Tohoku Univ.)
Evolutions of water mass anomalies in the upper North Pacific based on Argo data

Session 2  Chair: Eisuke TSUTSUMI (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo)

14:40−15:00   Shouta SERA (Tohoku Univ.)
Oceanic variability over the western North Pacific and its relationship with large-scale atmospheric pattern

15:00−15:20   Mizuki IIDA (Tohoku Univ.)
Interannual variability of Bering Sea ice and cold air outbreaks

15:20−15:40   Takahiro TOYODA (MRI, JMA)
Sea ice drift data incorporation into an ocean-sea ice simulation

15:40−16:00   Takahiro SHIMURA (Nagoya Univ.)
The life-cycle of annual waves in the Pacific Ocean as identified by a seamless diagnosis for the energy flux

Session 3  Chair: Takahiro TOYODA (MRI, JMA)

16:10−16:30   Yuri KASE (Nagoya Univ.) ,  Tomonori MATSUURA (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo)
The control of ocean circulation and the generation of mesoscale disturbances by bottom topography

16:30−16:50   Makoto KASHIWAI
Freeland "Gap", a sign of Counterflow-Mixing at the entrance of Okhotsk Sea

16:50−17:10   Shunsuke OKADA (Tohoku Univ.)
Spatial characteristics of ocean heat content interannual variation over the Pacific Ocean

17:10−17:30   Satoshi OSAFUNE (JAMSTEC)
A global ocean data synthesis experiment using tide-induced mixing parameterizations

17:30−           self-introduction

After session

18:00−                  Welcome party

July 26th (Fri)  

Session 4 Chair: Kohei KAMEYAMA (Nagoya Univ.)

9:00−9:20      Takashi SAKAMOTO (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo)
Modeling productivity in lower trophic levels in Otsuchi Bay, using a nested OGCM with a biogeochemical component

9:20−9:40      Tomomichi OGATA (JAMSTEC)
Salinity variability over the north Pacific/Japan Sea simulated by OFES

9:40−10:00     Hideharu Sasaki (JAMSTEC)
Spatiotemporal variations of submesoscale circulations in North Pacific high-resolution OGCM

10:00−10:20   Katsutoshi FUKUZAWA  (Univ of Tokyo)
Statistical analysis of meteo-tsunamis originating off the western coast of Kyushu

Session 5  Chair: Katsutoshi FUKUZAWA  (Univ of Tokyo)

10:35−10:55   Kazuhiko HAYASHI (JMA)
Introduction of an operational system for monitoring and forecasting coastal and open ocean states around Japan (MOVE/MRI.COM-JPN)

10:55−11:15   Susumu HASHIMOTO (Sendai Regional Headquaters, JMA)
Validation of temperatures from MOVE/MRI.COM-JPN using in-situ observation in the coastal area of Iwate, Japan

11:15−11:35   Kei SAKAMOTO (MRI, JMA)
Development of the Japanese Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting System for JMA operational use

11:35−11:55   Masao Kurogi (JAMSTEC)
Development of a high resolution coastal ocean model for next generation supercomputers

Session 6  Chair: Shinya KOUKETSU (JAMSTEC)

13:00−13:25   Hiroyasu HASUMI  (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo)
Toward constructing numerical modeling systems linking terrestrial processes, coastal seas, and open oceans

13:25−13:45   Toru MIYAMA (JAMSTEC)
Role of river inflows from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Okhotsk Sea

13:45−14:05   Naoki HIROSE, Sooyeon HAN, Shinichiro KIDA  (Kyushu Univ.)
Effects of form drag at the Tsugaru Strait

Session 7  Chair: Shogo URAKAWA (MRI, JMA)

14:20−14:40   Tatsuo SUZUKI (JAMSTEC)
Regional sea level changes caused by ocean heat uptake under global warming

14:40−15:00   Kunihiro AOKI (JAMSTEC)
Probabilistic forecast

15:00−15:20   Yoichi ISHIKAWA (JAMSTEC)
Ocean Downscaling of Future Projection Data around Japan for Climate Change Adaption

After session

15: 20−15:40         Discussion and closing