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Ocean variability in the mid-high latitude North Pacific

Update: 08. 06, 2018

(Aug. 28-29, 2018)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date : August 28th, 2018(Tue)13:00~17:30
           August 29th, 2018(Wed)9:00~15:40
Venue : International Coastal Research Center, AORI, The University of Tokyo
           1-19-8, Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate 028-1102, Japan
           Tel: +81–193–42–5611
Organizers: Satoshi OSAFUNE (RCGC, JAMSTEC; osafune[at]
           Kiyoshi TANAKA (AORI, The University of Tokyo)


(**:Special talk、*: Invited talk)

August 28th (Tue)

13:00−13:10        Symposium opening

Session 1  Chair: Satoshi OSAFUNE

13:10−13:40   Kensuke TAKEUCHI**(Hokkaido Univ)
        Remote view of "Physical Oceanography"

13:40−14:10   Takashi MOCHIZUKI*(JAMSTEC)
        Decadal climate prediction with initialization in the extratropics

14:10−14:40   Bunmei TAGUCHI*(Univ. of Tokyo)
        Decadal variability of spiciness in the extra-tropical North Pacific 

14:40−15:10   Hatsumi NISHIKAWA(Hokkaido Univ.)
        Formation and variation of the North Pacific transition domain

Session 2  Chair: Eitaro OKA(Univ. of Tokyo)

15:25−15:55   Susumu HASHIMOTO(Sendai Regional Headquaters, JMA)
        Recent Oyashio Area and coastal sea surface temperature 

15:55−16:25   Kenichi NAKAGAWA(Sendai Regional Headquaters, JMA)
        Forecasting technique of coastal sea surface temperature and research of water temperature of a surface layer in Otsuchi

16:25−16:50   Yanmei SUN(Univ. of Tokyo)
        Marine environment in Kamaishi Bay after reconstruction of the bay-mouth breakwater

16:50−17:15   Kouhei KAMEYAMA(Nagoya Univ.)
        Analysis of interaction between surface waves and oceanic mixed layer

After session
18:00−                 Welcome party

August 29th (Wed)

Session 3  Chair: Katsutoshi FUKUZAWA

9:00−9:30      Kunio KUTSUWADA(Tokai Univ.)
        Wind-driven North Pacific tropical and subtropical gyres using OFES outputs

9:30−10:00     Ryohei YAMAGUCHI(Tohoku Univ.)
        Observed intensification of the upper ocean stratification of the global ocean

10:00−10:30   Katsunari SATOH(JMA)
        Inventory of oceanic carbon dioxide in the western North Pacific subtropical gyre 

Session 4  Chair: Ryohei YAMAGUCHI

10:45−11:15   Shinichiro KIDA*(Kyushu Univ.)
        Lagrangian approach for understanding coastal dynamics

11:15−11:45  Yoshimasa MATSUMURA(Univ. of Tokyo)
        Developemnt of a nonhydrostatic ocean downscaling model

11:45−12:15   Katsutoshi FUKUZAWA (Univ of Tokyo)
        Bay oscillations associated with meteo-tsunamis

Session 5  Chair: Shusaku SUGIMOTO

13:15−13:45   Makoto KASHIWAI
        Density Inversion Data of the Sea of Okhotsk,  Part.2.
        The waters consisiting density inversions at the entrance straits.

13:45−14:15   Takahiro TOYODA (MRI, JMA)
        Incorporation of AMSR-E thin ice data into an ocean-sea ice simulation

14:15−14:45   Takashi T. SAKAMOTO (Univ of Tokyo)
        Estimation of dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentration by using climatological datasets

14:45−15:15   Satoshi OSAFUNE (JAMSTEC)
        Eastward moving temperature anomaly induced by the 18.6-year modulation of tide-induced mixing and the advective mode Rossby wave

After session
15:15−15:40         Discussion and closing

Joint Usage

Research meeting