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Air-sea-land interaction on the relation between background state and disturbance

Update: 08. 07, 2018

(Aug. 27-28, 2018)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date:   August.27.2018 (Mon) 10:00-17:20
          August.28.2018 (Tue)  9:00-11:30
Venue: International Coastal Research Center
          1-19-8 Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture 028-1102, JAPAN
          Tel: +81-193-42-5611
Organizer: Takenari Kinoshita (JAMSTEC, t-kinoshita[at]
          Kiyoshi Tanaka (AORI, Tokyo University, ktanaka[at]

Aug. 27

10:00 – 10:05  opening

Session 1 (Chair : Hatsumi Nishikawa)

10:05 – 10:23  Masaya Nosaka (MRI, Japan Meteorological Agency)
Effects of temporal resolution and spatial resolution of Sea surface temperature on Non-Hydrostatic Regional Climate Model

10:23 – 10:41  Rei Takahashi (University of Tsukuba)
    Study on the Kanto-Tohoku Heavy Rainfall Disaster in September 2015 -Formation mechanisms and aerosol effects-

10:41 – 10:59  Momoko Nagata (Mie University)
    The effect for atmospheric circulation on the North Pacific by disappearance of east Siberian forest

10:59 – 11:17  Moeka Naoi (University of Tsukuba)
    Anomalous atmospheric river activity over the North Pacific during summer associated with seasonal evolutions of ENSO

11:17 – 11:35  Hiroaki Kawase (MRI, Japan Meteorological Agency)
    Contribution of global warming to frequency of heavy rainfall in Japan - analyses of the d4PDF historical and non-warming experiments-

11:35 – 11:53  Naoki Sato (Tokyo Gakugei University)
    Influence of the phase and amplitude of the MJO on the precipitation and snowfall in Japan

11:53 – 13:00  Lunch time

Session 2 (Chair : Satoru Kasuga)

13:00 – 13:18  Meiji Honda (Niigata University)
    Characteristics of atmospheric circulations causing heavy snowfall events during 2017/18 winter

13:18 – 13:38  *Satoru Kasuga (Niigata University)
    The Multi-scale Structure between Cutoff Lows and Tornados -Composite analyses-

13:38 – 13:56  Yohei Seki (Mie University)
    Remarkable climate of Hokkaido viewing from day-by-day change of daily minimum temperature

13:56 – 14:14  Daichi Masumoto (University of Tsukuba)
    Formation processes of Okhotsk high from lower and higher latitude perspective

14:14 – 14:32  Keisuke Ohta (Mie University)
    Sustainability of cold waves arriving in the Far East in the winter of 2018

14:32 – 14:50  Yuki Matsuoka (Mie University)
    Conditions to strengthen the locality of snowfall in Mie

14:50 – 15:10  *Kenta Tamura (Hokkaido University)
    Orographic effects on Polar Low genesis around the west coast of Hokkaido

15:10 – 15:30  Break

Session 3 (Chair : Kazuhira Hoshi)

15:30 – 15:48  Yousuke Yamashita (JAMSTEC)
    The analysis of the Southern Hemisphere polar vortex response to the QBO from winter to early summer

15:48 – 16:08  *Kazuhira Hoshi (Niigata University)
    QBO dependence of the relationship between Arctic sea-ice and stratospheric polar vortex variations

16:08 – 16:26 Yuuki Ishida(Niigata University)
    The relationship between inter-annual tropopause variability and ENSO: Separate views from vorticity and stability

16:26 – 16:44 Yusuke Aimono(Niigata University)
    A relationship of ozone with atmospheric circulation in the wintertime Northern Hemisphere

16:44 – 17:02  Takenari Kinoshita (JAMSTEC)
    A study of gravity wave activities based on intensive radiosonde observations at Bengkulu during YMC-Sumatra 2017

17:02 – 17:20  Yoshihiro Tachibana (Mie University)
    Abnormal weather in 2018 viewed from SV NAM or AO

17:20 – 17:30,Saki Kondo, Tomoe Nakanishi (Mie University)
    Introduction of research plan

Aug. 28

Session 4 (Chair : Kenta Tamura)

09:00 - 09:18  Naoki Sugihara (Mie University)
    Remote influence between the hemispheres by Somali Jet

09:18 - 09:38  *Sota Yamaguchi (Niigata University)
    The interhemispheric teleconnection during autumn of the Northern Hemisphere

09:38 – 09:56  Kazuaki Nishii (Mie University)
    Local atmospheric meridional overturning circulation over extratropical oceanic fronts

09:56 – 10:14  Yusuke Ueda (Rissho University)
    Climatological features of rapid intensification of typhoons

10:14 – 10:32  Masaki Satoh (AORI, The University of Tokyo)
    High Cloud Variations and Responses to Global Warming in the NICAM AMIP Experiment

10:32 – 10:40  Break

10:40 – 11:05  Hiroshi Niino (AORI, The University of Tokyo)
    Hierarchy of Atmospheric Disturbances Related to Tornadoes: From the Environment of Synoptic Cyclones to Inner Structure of Tornadoes

11:05 – 11:30  Toshiki Iwasaki (Tohoku University)
    Isentropic analysis of polar cold air mass and its outbreak in northern-hemispheric winter

(*: Invited speaker 20 min, **: Special speaker 25min, other 18 min)

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