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Seminars on sustainable aquaculture, resource enhancement and conservation of salmon and other species

Update: 05. 29, 2018

(Jun. 13, 2018)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date:June 13, 2018(Wed)9:00~17:00
Venue:International Coastal Research Center
            1-19-8 Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture 028-1102, JAPAN
            Tel: +81-193-42-5611
Organizer: Munetaka Shimizu, Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
            3-1-1 Minato, Hakodate, Hokkaido 041-8611
            Tel: +81-138-40-8897


This seminar series deals mainly with various aspects of salmon biology and seeks for a balance between production and conservation of aquaculture species. Two groups, from Norway and Japan, will introduce their research and discuss about the sustainability of utilization of fish resources. A total of 12 students from Norway and Japan will also attend this seminar series as part of Japan-Norway International Summer Course 2018 funded by Research Council of Norway. All talks are given in English.

Schedule (subject to change)
Chairperson: Susumu Hyodo (University of Tokyo)
9:00       Opening (Munetaka Shimizu, Hokkaido University)
9:10       Safety guidance (Shigenori Nobata, University of Tokyo)
9:20       Introduction of Otsuchi Coastal Research Center and the region (Jun Aoyama, University of Tokyo)
9:40       Status of Japanese salmon (Takashi Kitagawa, University of Tokyo)
10:00     Behavior and physiology of returning chum salmon in Otsuchi Bay (Shigenori Nobata)
10:20     Coffee break
10:40     Natural spawning of chum salmon in the rivers around Otsuchi Bay (Yuki Minegishi, University of Tokyo)
11:00      Survey of juvenile chum salmon in the rivers and coasts (Tatsuya Kawakami, University of Tokyo)
11:20      Technical improvement for salmon eDNA quantification: From clean laboratory to dirty field (Marty Wong, University of Tokyo)
11:40     Salmon fingerlings predation by avian species (Nobuhiko Sato, University of Tokyo)
12:00     Lunch
13:20     Evaluation of swimming ability of salmon by using a swim tunnel (Takaaki Abe, University of Tokyo
13:40     Norwegian aquaculture-past, present and future (Tom Ole Nilsen, Uni Research, Norway)
14:00     Rearing marine fish larvae-the case of Atlantic halibut (Ana S. Gomes, University of Bergen, Norway)
14:20     Comparison of aquaculture systems between Japan and Norway (Koji Murashita, National Research Institute of Aquaculture)
14:40     Coffee break
15:00     Stress, robustness and welfare of fish (Lars O.E. Ebbesson, Uni Research, Norway)
15:20     Take a look in the glass bowl (Tom Ole Nilsen)
15:40     Summary and Discussion
16:40     Closing

Research meeting