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PALSEA2 2015 Workshop: Data-Model Integration and Comparison

Update: 07. 02, 2015

(Jul. 22-24, 2015)

Research Meeting in Kashiwa Campus

Date: Jul..22.2015 (Wed.) 8:50-17:50
Jul..23.2015 (Thu.) 9:00-17:40
Jul..24.2015 (Fri.) 9:00-17:00
Venue: Auditorium
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-8564, JAPAN
Organising committee: Glenn Milne, Yusuke Yokoyama, Ayako Abe-Ouchi
Anders Carlson, Andrea Dutton, Anthony Long
Contact Person at AORI:Yusuke Yokoyama, ACES, yokoyama[at]


8:20  Registration (tea/coffee)
8:50  Welcome and introductory remarks
9:00  PALSEA/workshop aims and scope

Session 1: Pre Last Interglacial (LIG)
9:20  Alessio Rovere: Sea level and ice volumes during the Pliocene
9:45  Jaqueline Austermann: The impact of dynamic topography on Mid-Pliocene ice volume estimates (invited)
10:25  Ed Gasson: Miocene Antarctic ice sheet simulations using an asynchronously coupled RCM

10:50 Break

Session 2: LIG
11:20  Andrea Dutton: Assessing the evidence for magnitude and timing of sub-orbital sea level oscillations during MIS 5e
11:45  Bette Otto-Bliesner: The Last Interglacial as a testbed for coupled climate-ice sheet model simulations of past ice sheet and sea level evolution (invited)
12:10  Kim Cohen: Last interglacial transgression rates and high stand duration in the near-field Eemian North Sea
12:35  Pepijn Bakker: Last interglacial equilibrium, transient and sensitivity experiments; going through the existing wealth of climate model output

13:00  Lunch

Session 2: LIG (continued)
14:20  Ayako Abe-Ouchi: What makes the difference in the LIG ice sheet-climate models? Discussion on the LIG model intercomparison project (ISMIP-PMIP)
14:45  Emilie Capron: A new last interglacial temperature data synthesis as an improved benchmark for climate modeling
15:10  Karen Vyverberg: Evaluating the possibility of sub-orbital sea level oscillations using sedimentology, biotic assemblages and stratigraphy of Marine Isotope Stage 5e reefs
15:35  Heiko Goelzer: Impact of ice sheet melt water fluxes on the climate evolution at the onset of the Last Interglacial
16:00  Discussion

16:20  Break   

16:50 Posters (Pre-LIG to LIG)
Jo Brendryen: Nordic seas ocean-ice sheet interactions and global sea level between 50 and 150 ka
Miklos Kazmer: Rapid sea-level rise and fall at the end of the last interglacial - bioerosion evidence from Thailand
Stephen Obrochta: Climate variability and ice-sheet dynamics during the last three glaciations
Alessio Rovere: Last Interglacial sea level in the Mediterranean Sea: field data, tectonics and isostatic adjustment
Paolo Stocchi: Four recorded relative sea-level highstands before the mid-Pleistocene transition
Felicity Williams: Scenarios for variation of the MIS 6 Eurasian ice sheet
Masako Yamane: Exposure age and ice-sheet model constraints on Pliocene East Antarctic ice sheet dynamics


Session 3: Post-LIG and deglacial
9:00  Jeremy Fyke: Progress and challenges in coupling ice sheets into the Community Earth System Model (invited)
9:40  Steve George: Modelling northern hemisphere glacial inception and its relation to global sea-level change
10:05  Jorge Alvarez-Solas: Evaluating Greenland ice sheet model performance and paleo reconstructions over the last glacial cycle
10:30  Anders Carlson: Using cosmogenic nuclide inheritance to test ice-sheet model bed-thermal properties on Greenland

10:55  Break

11:25  Nicole Abdul: The Barbados sea level record
11:50  Jenny Stanford: A statistical re-assessment of multiple far-field deglacial sea-level records
12:15  Kelsey Sanborn: Coral reef response to abrupt sea-level rise in Hawaii: Implications for understanding global reef records and deglacial meltwater history
12:40  Discussion

13:00  Lunch

Session 4: Databases
14:20  Nicole Khan: Holocene relative sea-level changes from near-, intermediate- and far-field locations
14:45  Gaylen Sinclair: Using surface exposure ages to test deglacial ice sheet models: A Greenland test case
15:10  Database progress, issues and discussion

15:40  Break

16:10 Posters (post LIG to present and databases)
Amandine Auriac: Earth rheology in the Barents Sea inferred from glacial isostatic adjustment modelling and comparison to relative sea-level data
Natasha Barlow: Testing hypotheses of the last glacial maximum ice cap over South Georgia, sub-Antarctic, using glacio-isostatic adjustment modelling of raised marine features
Mike Bentley: A relative sea-level database for Antarctica
Alberic Botella: Interpreting Holocene sea-level reconstructions from the Tropical Pacific
Martin Brader: Postglacial relative sea-level change and the deglaciation of northwest Iceland
Okuku Ediang: Data management teleconnections of Arctic Oscillation, Southern Oscillation and ocean surges: An Overview in West Africa coastal areas
Fiona Hibbert: Fossil corals and speleothems as markers of past sea levels: Towards a consistent global repository
Takeshige Ishawa: Reappraisal of sea-level lowstand during the last glacial maximum observed in the Bonaparte Gulf, northwestern Australia
Volker Klemann: SLIVISU, update of the visual analytics software for inspection of SLI data and data-model inter-comparison
Benoit Lecavalier: Development towards a full Bayesian calibration of a 3D glacial systems model of the Antarctic ice sheet over the last glacial cycle
Takashi Obase: The responses of Antarctic ice shelves basal melting to climatic forcing under the LGM and a CO2 doubling climate
Jun’ichi Okuno: The development of 3D ice sheet modelling (IcIES) including viscoelastic bedrock deformation: Implications for the relative sea-levels in Greenland
Fuyuki Saito: Development of numerical ice-sheet model (IcIES) and its application of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets
Tim Shaw: Historical sea-level trends from the Croatian Coast of the Adriatic Sea
Tim Shaw: Investigating Late Holocene relative sea-level changes from Chesapeake Bay, U.S. Atlantic Coast
Kristian Vasskog: Constraining mid-Holocene eustatic rise by combining well-dated sea-level records from Scandinavia and global ice sheet modeling
Yurui Zhang: The effect of ice sheets on climate in the early Holocene

18:30  Dinner


Session 5: Holocene
9:00  Michiel Helsen: Reconstructing Holocene Greenland ice sheet history in an ice sheet - earth system model framework
9:25  Benoit Lecavalier: A high-Arctic Holocene climate record
9:50  Yusuke Yokoyama: Holocene Antarctic melting history and long term plate boundary tectonics inferred from sea level observation in southwestern Japan
10:15  Richard Jones: Holocene deglaciation of Antarctica: Steady or rapid?

10:40  Break

11:10  Andrea Hawkes: Relative sea-level changes in Florida during the last 8000 years
11:35  Ben Horton: Common Era sea level database
12:00  Bob Kopp: Sea-level variability over the Common Era
12:25  Matt Brain: Role of sediment compaction as a driver of relative sea-level change reconstructed from salt-marsh sediment

12:50  Lunch

14:10  Discussion and workshop wrap-up

15:00  Tour of AORI Laboratories

17:00  End of Workshop

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