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Circulation and Water Mass Formation in the North Pacific

Update: 01. 28, 2015

(Aug. 26-27, 2014)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date:  August 26, 2014 (Tue)  10:00-17:30
       August 27, 2014 (Wed)  9:00-12:00
Venue: Otsuchi Central Public Hall
       32-126 Koduchi, Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate 028-1121, JAPAN
       Tel: +81-193-42-3030
Organizers: Takahiro Toyoda (Meteorological Research Institute, JMA)
       Kiyoshi Tanaka (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo)
Cosponsor: Marine Meteorological Society


(*: invited)

August 26 (Tue)
10:00-10:10    Opening

Session 1. Surface-mixed layer temperature and subduction
10:10-10:20    Naoki Nakamura (Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ.)
Relationship between subduction and potential vorticity in the North Pacific.
10:20-10:30    Ryohei Yamaguchi (Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ.)
Long-term variations of sea surface temperature in the central tropical Pacific.
10:30-10:55    Kazuyuki Saito (Sendai Regional Headquarters, JMA) *
Introduction of Marine Diagnosis Report.
10:55-11:20    Satoki Matsuno, and Kazuyuki Uehara (Tokai Univ.) *
Relationships between sunspot number and global sea surface temperature.
11:20-11:45    Yuma Kawakami (Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ.) *
Temporal and spatial variation of the North Pacific Central Mode Water formation.
11:45-12:05   Satoshi Osafune (Research and Development Center for Global Change, JAMSTEC) *
Upper-ocean water properties in a 4D-VAR state estimation, ESTOC.

Session 2. Otsuchi Bay and submesoscale variability
13:00-13:10    Kunio Kutsuwada (Tokai Univ.), and Hitotaka Otobe *
Historical observations conducted by the Otsuchi Center.
13:10-13:35    Takashi T. Sakamoto (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo) *
A modelling study of Otsuchi Bay.
13:35-14:00    Daiki Ito (Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ.) *
Submesoscale disturbances associated with mesoscale phenomena.
14:00-14:25    Hideharu Sasaki (Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC) *
Seasonal modulation of submesoscale and scale interactions in the Kuroshio Extension region.

Session 3. Kuroshio Extension and mesoscale eddies
14:30-14:55    Kazuyuki Uehara (Tokai Univ.), Eitaro Oka (Univ. of Tokyo),
Masanori Konda (Kyoto Univ.), and Kunio Kutsuwada (Tokai Univ.) *
Time-series observation for air-sea interaction in the south area of the Kuroshio Extension at midwinter in 2014.
14:55-15:20    Sami Kato, Kazuyuki Uehara (Tokai Univ.), and Yoshikazu Sasai (JAMSTEC) *
A case study for nutrient dynamics of a mesoscale eddy in an eddy-resolving physical-biological model.
15:20-15:45    Hitoshi Kaneko (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo) *
Detailed structure and temporal evolution of anti-cyclonic eddy off Kushiro in 2013.

Session 4. Surface layer salinity
15:50-16:10    Takahiro Toyoda (Meteorological Research Institute, JMA)
Improvements to a global ocean data assimilation system through the incorporation of Aquarius surface salinity data.
16:10-16:35    Shota Katsura (Graduate School of Science, Univ. of Tokyo) *
Formation mechanism of the barrier layer in the subtropical North Pacific.
16:35-17:00    Tomoyuki Kitamura (Global Environment and Marine Department, JMA) *
Long-term variability in the global ocean surface salinity field.

After session
17:00-17:30    Discussion
18:30-          Welcome party at "Sanzuro-ya"

August 27 (Wed)
9:00-9:10      Official information

Session 5. Gyre scale variability
9:10-9:35      Suguru Kameda (Tokai Univ.) *
Analysis of satellite based wind stress curl decadal variability on the North Pacific.
9:35-10:00     Toru Miyama (Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC) *
Meridional transport from subtropics to subarctic ocean in the JCOPE2 ocean reanalysis.
10:00-10:25    Makoto Kashiwai (Fisheries Oceanography Research Studio "Oyashio-Ya") *
Does NPIW contribute to the deep circulation in the North Pacific?
10:25-10:50    Masami Nonaka (Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC) *
Summertime surface and subsurface temperature variability in the North Pacific.

After session
10:50-12:00    Discussion

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