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Air-sea/land interaction and cloud-precipitation processes including ice phase

Update: 07. 23, 2013

(Aug. 26-27. 2013)

  Date:   Aug. 26, 2013 (Mon) 9:00-16:30
          Aug. 27, 2013 (Tue) 9:00-12:00
  Venue:  Otsuchi central public hall
         32-126 Koduchi, Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture 028-1102, JAPAN
         TEL: +81-193-42-3030
  Organizer : Sento Nakai (Snow and Ice Research Center, NIED, saint[at]
        Kiyoshi Tanaka (AORI, Tokyo University, ktanaka[at]

Aug. 26
9:00-9:10 Opening

9:10-10:25  Air-sea/land interaction and cloud-structure
              Session chair: Jinro Ukita (Niigata University)
              3 oral presentations

10:35-11:50  (continued)
              Session chair: Teruyuki Kato (Meteorological Research Institute)
              3 oral presentations

13:00-14:40  Air-sea/land interaction and precipitation processes
              Session chair: Sento Nakai (Snow and Ice Research Center, NIED)
              Keynote Speech given by Dr. Teruyuki Kato
              2 oral presentations

14:50-16:30  (continued)
              Session chair: Yasu-Masa Kodama (Hirosaki University)
              4 oral presentations

Aug. 27
9:00-10:15  General circulation and air-sea-ice interaction
              Session chair: Meiji Honda (Niigata University)
              3 oral presentations

10:30-11:45  (continued)
              Session chair: Akira Yoshida (JAMSTEC)
              3 oral presentations

11:45-11:55  Joint slide-show session
              Session chair: Akira Yoshida (JAMSTEC)

              International Coastal Research Center before and after 3.11
                            presented by Prof. Hirotaka Otobe

11:55-12:00  Closing


Research meeting