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The 3rd AORI-KIOS Joint Symposium on Marine Science

Update: 11. 07, 2011

(Nov. 10-11, 2011)

Date: Nov. 10-11, 2011

Venue: Auditorium, AORI

This symposium is held as part of collaborative activities between AORI (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo) and KIOS (Korean Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science, Pukyong National University) based on the Agreement on Academic Exchange between KIOS and AORI since 2000. The 1st symposium and the 2nd symposium were held at ORI (Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo) in 2002, and at KIOS in 2006, respectively. The symposium covers all oceanographic current study fields for discussion, playing an important role in making great advances in collaborative studies between AORI and KIOS.



8:30 Registration  
9:00 Welcome and introductory remarks Toshitaka GAMO (AORI)
9:10 Keynote address Hiroshi NIINO (Director, AORI)
9:25 Keynote address Mi-Ok PARK (Director, KIOS)
Special lecture
 (chair: Toshitaka GAMO)
9:40 Study of UV effect on photoreactivity and production of CDOM in media of Porosira glacialis and Phaeocystis antarctica during artificial UV exposure experiment Mi-Ok PARK, Sung-Won KANG, Sung-Ho KANG, Yang-Nam KIM, Kyung-Hoon SHIN and Sun-Yong HA

10:00 Coffee break  
Session I  (chair: Yasunori Kano)  
10:20 Larval dispersal processes of abalone using a coupled particle-tracking and hydrodynamic model for refugium design Shingo KIMURA, Yoichi MIYAKE, Tomohiko KAWAMURA, Takashi KITAGAWA
10:40 Comparison of ecological characteristics of fish communities and oceanographic features at the southern boundaries of the western and eastern Subarctic Pacific Ocean Suam KIM, Sukyung KANG, Chang-Ik ZHANG, Hyunju SEO, M. KANG and J. KIM

11:00 Role of river discharge in transport of eggs and larvae of Sergia lucens in Suruga Bay, Japan Kiyoshi TANAKA, Teruhisa KOMATSU, Yutaka MICHIDA 
11:20 Phylogenetic analysis of syngnathoid fishes based on whole mitochondrial genome sequences: a contribution to understanding fish diversity Hayeun SONG, Kohji MABUCHI, Takashi SATOH, Masaki MIYA and Mutsumi NISHIDA


Session II (chair: Shinzo FUJIO)  
13:00 Simulation of the Atlantic deep circulation and the ocean carbon cycle during the glacial climate Akira OKA
13:20 Development of a computational fluid dynamics model and its application to simulation of urban flow and dispersion Jae-Jin KIM

13:40 A numerical perspective on the response of the ocean carbon cycle to global warming Katsumi MATSUMOTO
14:00 Distribution of radioactive materials in atmosphere and seawater of the North Pacific Ocean: past and present Mitsuo UEMATSU
14:20 Coffee break  
Session III (chair: Koji HAMASAKI)  
14:40 Construction of artificial seaweed bed for coastal restoration Chang Geun CHOI
15:00 Proteorhodopsin-mediated phototrophy in marine Flavobacteria Susumu YOSHIZAWA
15:20 Recent findings in the Japanese eel spawning ecology Jun AOYAMA and Katsumi TSUKAMOTO
15:40 Overturning circulation of deep water in the Pacific Ocean
-Its overall picture and bottom-slope effect-
16:00 Coffee break  
Session IV (chair: Hajime OBATA)  
16:20 Spatial and temporal variations of sea surface temperature, salinity and zooplankton abundance in the western waters of the Korean Peninsula during the last three decades Wongyu PARK, Yujin JEON, Junghwa CHOI and Dongwoo LEE

16:40 Muti-decadal variability of ocean, climate and sardine in the northwestern Pacific and relation to 18.6-yr tidal cycle Ichiro YASUDA
17:00 Possibility of bio-monitoring system for environmental factors in the coastal area using shell valve movements Seok Jin OH, Han-Soeb YANG and Tsuneo HONJO
17:20 Mantle helium emission related to the 2011 M9.0
Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Yuji SANO, Takahiro HARA, Naoto TAKAHATA, Shinsuke KAWAGUCCI, Makio HONDA
18:30 Reception at "AGORA"
(restaurant close to Kashiwanoha-Campus station)

11 Nov.

Session V (chair: Atsushi TSUDA)  
9:00 Viruses in the Ocean: their ecological role and distribution pattern Toshi NAGATA
9:20 An IFRAME approach for assessing Korean fisheries
 under a changing climate
Chang Ik ZHANG
9:40 HIgh precision cultivation experiments of corals and foraminifers in response to ocean acidification in future Hodaka KAWAHATA
10:00 Global warming, is it crisis or opportunity in Korea? Jai-Ho OH
10:20 Coffee break  
Session VI (chair:  Kazuhiro KOGURE)  
General and overall discussion
11:30 Introduction to "ICES/PICES/IOC's Second International Symposium on Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans Suam KIM
11:40 Closing remarks Hiroshi NIINO, Mi-Ok PARK
12:00 Lunch  
  AORI tour  

Research meeting