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Productivity estimation and related studies in aquatic environment: aim for earthquake and tsunami disaster reconstruction in fisheries

Update: 10. 17, 2011

(Aug. 27, 2011)


Date: August 27, 2011 (Sat) 10:00-18:35
Venue: Kitasato University, Sanriku Campus
160-4 Utoh, Okkirai, Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture 022-0101, JAPAN  Tel: +81-192-44-2121

August 27
10:00-10:05 Introduction. *Hayashizaki K (Kitasato Univ)
10:05-11:50 Chair: Hayakawa Y (National Fisheries University)
1. Seasonal change in the composition of microalgae in Abukuma river. *Kishinami T, Nanba K (Fukushima Univ)
2. Food supply for the brackish-water clam Corbicula japonica in the Natori River. *Katayama A,Ito K,Sasaki K,Katayama S (Tohoku Univ),Nishikawa M (Miyagi Univ), Minami T (Fukuyama Univ)
3. Accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis and the oyster Crassostrea gigas caused by the dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense in Ofunato Bay, Iwate Prefecture, northern Pacific coast of Japan, after the Great East Japan Earthquake. *Kaga S(Iwate Fisheries Technology Center), Watanabe R(NRIFS,Fisheries Research Agency), Nagai T, Kamiyama T(FEIS,Fisheries Research Agency), Suzuki T(NRIFS,Fisheries Research Agency)
4. Current status in marine environment and stocks of coastal fishery resources off Iwate, Pacific coast of northern Japan, after mega-earthquake with huge tsunami on March 11, 2011. *Goto T, Omura T(Iwate Fisheries Technology Center)

11:50-13:00 Break

13:00-14:30 Chair: Ito K(Tohoku Univ)
5. Seasonal changes in nutrients and chlorophyll in Ofunato Bay and Okkirai Bay, with some reference to biodeposition from oyster culture. Yasuhiro Hayakawa (National Fisheries Univ)
6. Environmental carrying capacity for shellfish aquaculture in Otsuchi Bay. *Furuya K(Univ Tokyo), Kohash N(Kagoshima Univ), Kishi MJ(Hokkaido Univ)
7. Environmental characteristics of Okkirai Bay from a viewpoint of the Undaria farming. Ogawa H (Kitasato Univ)

14:30-14:45 Break

14:45-15:45 Chair: Hayashizaki K(Kitasato Univ)
8. The Significance and potentiality of contribution for the reconstruction of fisheries after the Tohoku Earthquake of the marine environment and ecosystem conservation activities by fisherman. Senda R(Univ Tokyo)
9. Activities of JSFS and UT for the reconstruction of fisheries industry and communities. Kurokura H (Univ Tokyo)

15:45-16:45 General Discussion 
Chairs : Hayashizaki K (Kitasato Univ), Ito K (Tohoku Univ), Kurokura H(Univ Tokyo)

16:45-18:00 Break (Participants move to Sanriku Domitory, kitasato Univ)

18:00-18:30 Chair: Hayashizaki K(Kitasato Univ)
10. Approach to cooperative fishing activity for the earthquake disaster reconstruction. Baba O (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

18:30-18:35 Closing Remarks: Hayashizaki K (Kitasato Univ)

Research meeting