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ORI Publication Lists (Scientific Articles) 2008

Physical Oceanography

Chuda T., Niino H., Yoneyama K., Katsumata M. and Tsukamoto O.: A statistical analysis of surface heat flux enhancements due to precipitating clouds observed in the tropical Western Pacific. Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan, 86, 439-457, 2008.

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Ogura Y., Kumabe R. and Nishimura S.: How to understand and enjoy weather phenomena, No.15, Weather watching of "the first strong southerly wind" that flung up a cloud of dust. Tenki, 55, 921-927, 2008. (in Japanese)

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Young C.R., Fujio S. and Vrijenhoek R.C.: Directional dispersal between mid-ocean ridges: deep-ocean circulation and gene flow in Ridgeia piscesae. Molecular Ecology, 17, 1718-1731, 2008.

Chemical Oceanography

Brewer P.G. and Nakayama N.: What Lies Beneath: A Plea for Complete Information. Environmental Science & Technology, 42, 1394-1399, 2008.

Doi T., Takano. M., Okamura. K., Ura. T., and Gamo T.: In-situ survey of nanomolar manganese in seawater around a volcanic crator at Teishi Knoll using an autonomous underwater vehicle. Journal of Oceanography, 64, 471-477, 2008.

Duce R.A., LaRoche J., Altieri K., Arrigo K.R., Baker A.R., Capone D.G., Cornell S., Dentener F., Galloway J.N., Ganeshram R.S., Geider R.J., Jickells T., Kuypers M.M., Langlois R., Liss P.S., Liu S.M., Middelburg J.J., Moore C.M., Nickovic S., Oschlies A., Pedersen T.F., Prospero J.M., Schlitzer R., Seitzinger S.P., Sorensen L.L., Uematsu M., Ulloa O., Voss M., Ward B. and Zamora L.: Impacts of atmospheric anthropogenic nitrogen on the open ocean. Science, 320, 893-897, DOI: 10.1126/science.1150369, 2008.

Kashiyama Y., Miyashita H., Ohkubo S., Ogawa N.O., Chikaraishi Y., Takano Y., Suga H., Toyofuku T., Nomaki H., Kitazato H., Nagata T. and Ohkouchi N.: Evidence of global chlorophyll d. Science, 321, 658, 2008.

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Kumagai H., Nakamura K., Toki T., Morishita T., Okino K., Ishibashi J., Tsunogai U., Kawagucci S., Gamo T., Shibuya T., Sawaguchi T., Neo N., Joshima M., Sato T. and Takai K.: Geological background of the Kairei and Edmond hydrothermal fields along the Central Indian Ridge: Implications of their vent fluids' distinct chemistry. Geofluids, 8, 239-251, 2008.

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Zhang Y., Obata H. and Gamo T.: Silver in the Tokyo Bay estuarine waters and Japanese rivers. Journal of Oceanography, 64, 259-265, 2008.

Ocean Floor Geoscience

Ando A., Kaiho K., Kawahata H. and Kakegawa T.: Timing and magnitude of Early Aptian extreme warmth: Unraveling secular d18O variation in indurated pelagic carbonates at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 463, central Pacific Ocean. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 260, 463-476, 2008.

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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

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Marine Bioscience

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