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ORI Publication Lists (Scientific Articles) 2001


Physical Oceanography

  1. CHEONG, Hyeong-Bin and Ryuji KIMURA: Excitation of the 10-Day and 16-Day Waves. J. Atmos. Sci., 58(9), 1129-1145, 2001.
  2. IKEYA, Motoji, Hideo SATOH, U"lk?EULUSOY, RHUJI Kimura: Split sea and walls of water: Moses' phenomenon at the Izmit earthquake, Turkey. Proc. Japan Acad., 78(Ser. B), 24-29, 2002.
  3. IMAWAKI, S, W ZENK, S WIJFFLES, D ROEMMICH and M KAWABE: GODAE Project Office and Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourn, 285-306, 2001.
  4. KANAI, Hidemoto, Hiroshi NIINO, Fmiaki FUJIBE, Yoshinobu TANAKA and Teruyuki KATO: Torrential rain associated with an extratropical cyclone on 27 October 1999. Proc. International Conf. on Mesoscale Meteorand Typhoon in East Asia, 26-28 Sept. 2001, Taipei, Taiwan, NSC/CWB/NTU of Taiwan, 380-385, 2001.
  5. KAWABE, Masaki: J. Oceanog.,57, 189-205, 2001.
  6. KAWABE, M: Suiro shin gijutsukouen-shu, Japan Hydrographic Association14, 1-9, 2001.
  7. NIINO, Hiroshi and Akira NODA: Numerical simulation of tornado-spawning cumulonimbus cloud. Journal of Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (in Japanese), 6, 328-331, 2001.
  8. NIINO, Hiroshi, Akira NODA and Wataru YANASE: Numerical simulation of convections and vortices in the atmosphere. Journal of Japan Society of Computational Fluid Dynamics (in Japanese), 9, 141-152, 2001.
  9. NIINO, Hiroshi: Tornadoes--Unveiling their mystery. FRONT(in Japanese), 13, 10-13, 2001.
  10. NIINO, Hiroshi: Mystery of tornadoes. Dagian (in Japanese), 40, 13, 2001.
  11. NODA, Akira and Hiroshi NIINO: Vortex-lines and airflow structure near a tornado-like vortex in a simulated mini-supercell. Preprint 9th Conf. on Mesoscale Processes. 30 July- 3 August 2001, FL, Amer. Meteor. Soc, 552-556, 2001.
  12. OGURA, Yoshimitsu and Kaoru HOSHINO: Notes and Correspondence: A Bore-like Disurbance Observed in the Kanto Plain Area. J. Met. Soc, 79(6), 1257-1268, 2001(7).
  13. SEND, U., R WELLER., S CUNNINGHAM., C ERIKSEN, T DICKEY, M KAWABE, R LUKAS, M McCARTNEY and S OSTERHUS: GODAE Project Office and Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne. 2001.
  14. YANASE, Wataru and Hiroshi NIINO: Structure and developing-mechanism of polar low over the Japan sea--Numerical simulation and sensitivity study using a cloud-resolving model. Kaiyo Monthly (in Japanese), 34, 129-135, 2001.
  15. YANASE, Wataru, Hiroshi NIINO and Kazuo SAITO: Cloud-resolving simulation of a polar low over Japan sea. Preprint 9th Conf. on Mesoscale Processes. 30 July- 3 August 2001, FL, Amer. Meteor. Soc, 497-501, 2001.
  16. YANASE, Wataru, Hiroshi NIINO and Kazuo SAITO: A numerical study on the structure and developing mechanism of a polar low over the Japan Sea. CAS/JSC WGNE Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, 31, 546-547, 2001.
  17. YANASE, Wataru, Hiroshi NIINO and Kazuo SAITO: A numerical study on a polar low development over the Japan Sea. Proc. International Conf. on Mesoscale Meteorand Typhoon in East Asia, 26-28 Sept. 2001, Taipei, Taiwan, NSC/CWB/NTU of Taiwan, 124-129, 2001.

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Chemical Oceanography

  1. HASEGAWA T, I KOIKE, H MUKAI: Fate of food nitrogen in marine copepods. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 210, 167-174, 2001. HONGO, Y and Yoshiyuki NOZAKI: Rare earth element geochemistry of hydrothermal deposits and Calyptogena sell from the Iheya Ridge vent field, Okinawa Trough. Geochem. J., 35, 347-354, 2001.
  2. KOIKE I, H OGAWA, T NAGATA, R FUKUDA, H FUKUDA: Silicate to nitrate ratio of the upper sub-arctic Pacific and the Bering sea basin in summer: its implication for phytoplankton dynamics. Journal of Oceanography, 57, 253-260, 2001.
  3. MARUO, M, E NAKAYAMA, H OBATA, K KAMIYAMA and T KIMOTO: Application of the flow-through analyses of ammonia and calcium in ice core and fresh water by fluorometric detection. Field Anal. Chem. Technol., 5, 29-36, 2001.
  4. MIYAJIMA, T, M SUZUMURA, Y UMEZAWA, I KOIKE: Microbial nitrogen transformation in carbonate sediments of a coral-reef lagoon and associated seagrass beds. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 217, 273-286, 2001.
  5. MIYAJIMA T, H OGAWA, I KOIKE: Alkali-extractable polysaccharides in marine sediments: Abundance, molecular size distribution, and monosaccharide composition. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65, 1455-1466, 2001.
  6. NAGATA T, R FUKUDA, H FUKUDA, I KOIKE: Basin-scale geographic patterns of bacterioplankton biomass and production in the subarctic Pacific, July-September 1997. Journal of Oceanography, 57, 301-313, 2001.
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  10. NOZAKI, Yoshiyuki, Y YAMAMOTO, T MANAKA, H AMAKAWA, and A SNIDVONGS: Dissolved barium and radium isotopes in the Chao Phraya River estuarine mixing zone in Thailand. Cont. Shelf Res, 21, 1435-1448, 2001.
  11. OBATA, H and C M G VAN DEN BERG: Determination of picomolar levels of iron in seawater using catalytic cathodic stripping voltammetry. Anal. Chem, 73, 2522-2528, 2001.
  12. OGAWA H, Y AMAGAI, I KOIKE, K KAISer., R BENNER: Production of refractory dissolved organic matter by bacteria. Science (Washington, D. C.), 292, 917-920, 2001.
  13. OKAMURA, K, M SUGIYAMA, H OBATA, M MARUO, E NAKAYAMA and H KARATANI: Automated determination of vanadium(IV) and -(V) in natural waters based on chelating resin separation and catalytic detection with Bindschedler's green leuco base. Anal. Chim. Acta, 443, 143-151, 2001.
  14. OKAMURA, K, T KIMOTO, K SAEKI, J IISHIBASHI, H OBATA, M MARUO, T GAMO, E NAKAYAMA and Yoshiyuki NOZAKI: Development of a deep-sea in situ Mn analyzer and its application for hydrothermal plume observation. Mar. Chem., 76, 17-26, 2001.
  15. USUI T, I KOIKE, N OGURA: N2O Production, Nitrification and Denitrification in an Estuarine Sediment. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 52, 769-781, 2001.
  16. YAMAMOTO, J, M WATANABE, Yoshiyuki NOZAKI and Y SANO: Helium and carbon isotopes in fluorites: implications for mantle carbon contribution in ancient subduction zone. J. Volcanol. Geoth. Res., 167, 19-26, 2001.
  17. YAMAMURO M, Y UMEZAWA, I KOIKE: Seasonality in nutrient concentrations and stable isotope ratios of Halophila ovalis growing on the intertidal flat of SW Thailand. Limnology, 2, 199-205, 2001.
  18. Y, ZHANG, H AMAKAWA and Yoshiyuki NOZAKI: Oceanic profiles of dissolved silver: Precise measurements in the basins of the western North Pacific, Sea of Okhotsk, and the Japan Sea. Mar. Chem., 75, 151-163, 2001.

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Ocean Floor Geoscience

  1. AOIKE Hiroshi Wonn SOH, Eiichi TOKUYAMA, Asahiko TAIRA: Tectonics in the Izu collision zone and its mass balance. Chikyu Monthly, extra (32), 181-190, 2001.
  2. ASHI, Juichiro: Seismogenic zone in the Nankai Trough. Parity, (1), 63-65, 2002.
  3. ASHI, Juichiro, Ryo MATSUMOTO and Eiichi TOKUYAMA: Material circulation within subduction zone based on methane hydrate and cold seep-example from the Nankai accretionary prism. Chikyu Monthly, 32. 122-129, 2002.
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  5. COFFIN, Millard. F, and Olav ELDHOLM: Large igneous provinces: progenitors of some ophiolites? In Mantle Plumes: Their Identification Through Time (eds. Ernst, R, and Buchan, K.), Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado, Special Paper 352, 2001.
  6. COFFIN, Millard. F, A MCKENZIE J, et al: Earth, Oceans, and Life. Scientific Investigations of the Earth System using Multiple Drilling Platforms and New Technologies. In, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Initial Science Plan, 2003-2013, International Working Group Support Office, Washington, D. C, 2001.
  7. FUJIMOTO, Hiromi, Toshihiko KANAZAWA, Kinichiro KOIZUMI, Yukihito OSADA and Satoshi MIURA: Observation system for seafloor crustal movement and acoustic ranging Chikyu Monthly, 23, 27-32, 2001.
  8. GLADCZENKO, Tadeusz. P and Millard F COFFIN: Kerguelen Plateau crustal structure and basin formation from seismic and gravity data. J. Geophys. Res., 106, 16583-16601, 2001.
  9. HIRANO, Keiji, Asahiko TAIRA, Eiichi TOKUYAMA, Hujio YAMAMOTO, Yukihiro KATO, Akira ASADA: Side scan imagefrom the Toyama Deep Sea Cannyon-mass transportation from land to deep sea region Chikyu Monthly, extra (32), 67-73, 2001.
  10. IMANISHI, Yuichi: Development of a high-rate and high-resolution data acquisition system based on a real-time operating system J. Geod. Soc. Japan, 47, 52-57, 2001.
  11. MAHONEY, J. J, G FITTON J, P WALLACE J, et al: Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Reports, 192, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 2001.
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  19. TOKUYAMA, Eiichi, Eiichi HONZA, Masaaki KIMURA, Shiniti KURAMOTO, Juichiro ASHI, Nobuyuki OKAMURA, Hiroyuki ARATO, Yasuto ITOH, Wonn SOH, Ryota HINO, Tsuyoshi NOHARA, Hironobu ABE, Shin-ichi SAKAI and Kenjiro MUKAIYAMA: Tectonic development in the regions around Japan since latest Miocene. Journal of the Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology. 13(1)27-53, 2002.
  20. TOKUYAMA, Eiichi: Methane Hydrate possible selfsupport energy of Japan Ship & Ocean Newsletter. 202-3, 2001.
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  22. TOKUYAMA, Eiichi, Juichiro ASHI: Activity of seepage related to fluid migration in pore space inferred from methane hydrate Chikyu Monthly, extra 23, 823-827, 2001.
  23. UZIIE Yurika, Juichiro AHI, Asahiko TAIRA, Eiichi TOKUYAMA: Activities of mud diapir in the ryukyu Trench and the Nankai Trough. Chikyu Monthly, 32, 206-213, 2002.
  24. WEIS, Dominique, Stephanie INGLE, Dimitri DAMASCENO, Frederick A Frey, Kristen NICOLAYSEN, Jane BARLING and the Leg 183 Shipboard Scientific Party: Origin of continental components in Indian Ocean basalts: evidence from Elan Bank (Kerguelen Plateau, ODP Leg 183, Site 1137) Geology, 29, 147-150, 2001.

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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

  1. DUNLUP, P. V, and K KITA-TSUKAMOTO: Luminous Bacteria. In The Prokaryotes (eds. Dworkin, M., Falkow, S., Rosenberg, E., Schleifer, K. -H., Stackebrandt, E.). Academic Press, New York, Ch. 328, 2001.
  2. ENDO, K, T, OZAWA and Sigeaki KOJIMA: Nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequences reveal unexpected genetic heterogeneity among northern Pacific populations of the brachiopod Lingula anatine. Mar. Biol., 139, 105-112, 2001.
  3. FUJIWARA, Yoshihiro, Chiaki KATO, Noriaki MASUI, Katsunori FUJIKURA and Shigeaki KOJIMA: Dual symbiosis in a cold seep thyasirid clam Maorithyas hadalis from the hadal zone in the Japan Trench, western Pacific. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 214, 151-159, 2001.
  4. HASHIMOTO, Jun, Suguru OHTA, Toshitaka GAMO, Hitoshi CHIBA, Toshiyuki YAMAGUCHI, Shinji TSUCHIDA, Takamoto OKUDAIRA, Hajime WATABE, Toshiro YAMANAKA and Mitsuko KITAZAWA: First hydrothermal vent communities from the Indian Ocean discovered, Zool. Sci., 18, 717-721, 2001.
  5. HAYASHI, Amane, Koichi KAWAGUCHI, Hikaru WATANABE and Minoru ISHIDA: Daily growth increment formation and its lunar periodicity in otoliths of the myctophid fish Myctophum, asperum, (Pisces: Myctophidae). Fisheries Sci., 67, 811-817, 2001.
  6. HAYASHI, Amane, Hikaru WATANABE, Minoru ISHIDA and Koichi KAWAGUCHI. : Growth of Myctophum asperum, (Pisces: Myctophidae) in the Kuroshio and transitional waters. Fisheries Sci., 67, 983-984, 2001.
  7. HIDAKA, Kiyotaka, Koichi KAWAGUCHI, Masahiro MURAKAMI and Mio TAKAHASHI: Downward transport of organic carbon by diel migratory micronekton in the western equatorial Pacific: its quantitative and qualitative importance. Deep-Sea Res, I, 48, 1923-1939. 2001.
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Marine Life Science

  1. ANDERSON, W. G, Yoshio TAKEI and N HAZON: Possible interaction between the renin angiotensin system and natriuretid peptides on drinking in ealsmobranchs. In Perspective in Comparative endocrinology: Unity and Diversity (eds. H. J. Th. Goos, R. K. Rastogi, H. Vaudry, R. Pierantoni). Monduzzi Editore, Bologna, 753-758, 2001.
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Marine Biological Resources

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Otsuchi Marine Research Center

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Center for International Cooperation

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Center for Environmental Research

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