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Publication List

Publication Lists (Scientific Articles) 2010

Climate Science
Physical Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Ocean Floor Geoscience
Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
Marine Bioscience
Living Marine Resources
Multiple Field Marine Science

Climate Science

Bellenger H., Takayabu Y.N., Ushiyama T. and Yoneyama K. (2010): Role of diurnal warm layers in the diurnal cycle of convection over the tropical Indian Ocean during MISMO. Monthly Weather Review, 138, 2426-2433.

Blatter H., Greve R. and Abe-Ouchi A. (2010): A short history of the thermomechanical theory and modelling of glaciers and ice sheets. Journal of Glaciology, 56, 1087-1094.

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Chikamoto Y., Tanimoto Y., Mukougawa H. and Kimoto M. (2010): Subtropical Pacific SST variability related to the local Hadley circulation during the premature stage of ENSO. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 88, 183-202.

Choi I.-J., Iguchi T., Kim S.-W., Yoon S.-C. and Nakajima T. (2010): Simulation of the aerosol effect on the microphysical properties of shallow stratocumulus clouds over East Asia using a bin-based meso-scale cloud model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 10, 23449-23495.

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Fudeyasu H., Wang Y., Satoh M., Nasuno T., Miura H. and Yanase W. (2010): Multiscale interactions in the lifecycle of a tropical cyclone simulated in a global cloud-system-resolving model. Part II: System-scale and mesoscale processes. Monthly Weather Review, 138, 4305-4327.

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Kawatani Y., Sato K., Dunkerton T.J., Watanabe S., Miyahara S. and Takahashi M. (2010): The roles of equatorial trapped waves and internal inertia-gravity waves in driving the quasi-biennial oscillation. Part II: Three-dimensional distribution of wave forcing. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 67, 981-997.

Kim W.-M., Jhun J.-G., Ha K.-J. and Kimoto M. (2010): Decadal changes in climatological intraseasonal fluctuation of subseasonal evolution of summer precipitation over the Korean Peninsula in the mid-1990s. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 28, 591-600.

Kimoto M. and Ishii M. (2010): Near-term climate prediction experiment: toward predicting decadal climate variability. Kaiyo Monthly, 42, 271-282. (in Japanese)

Kodama C., Mochizuki Y., Hasegawa S., Iwasaki T. and Watanabe M. (2010): Negative correlation between the interannual variability of the stationary and transient wave energy in the Northern Hemisphere. SOLA, 6, 37-40.

Koseki S. and Watanabe M. (2010): Atmospheric boundary layer response to the meso-scale SST anomalies in the Kuroshio extension. Journal of Climate, 23, 2492-2507.

Koyama H. and Watanabe M. (2010): Reducing forecast errors due to model imperfections using ensemble Kalman filtering. Monthly Weather Review, 138, 3316-3332.

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polynyas around East Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, C10006.

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Physical Oceanography

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Chemical Oceanography

Adachi H., Yamano H., Miyajima T. and Nakaoka M. (2010): A simple and robust method for coring unconsolidated sediment in shallow water. Journal of Oceanography, 66, 865-872.

Aoki K., Kitajima K., Masago H., Nishizawa M., Terabayashi M., Omori S., Yokoyama T., Takahata N., Sano Y. and Maruyama S. (2010): Reply to“Comment on‘Metamorphic P-T-time history of the Sanbagawa belt in central Shikoku, Japan and implications for retrograde metamorphism during exhumation’” by S. R. Wallis and S. Endo. Lithos, 116, 197-199.

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Ocean Floor Geoscience

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