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Graduate programs and faculties

[1] Graduate School of Sciences,
Department of Earth & Planetary Science (E)
Department of Chemistry (C)
Department of Biological Sciences (B)
[2] Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
Department of Aquatic Bioscience (A)
Department of Global Agricultural Sciences (G)
[3] Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,
Division of Environmental Studies (N)
Department of Integrated Bioscience (I)
Department of Computational Biology (C)
Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (S)
[4] Graduate School of Engineering,
Department of Civil Engineering
[5] Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
Graduate Program on Environmental Sciences
Department Section Position Name [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Climate System Modeling
Climate System Modeling Assoc. prof. Ayako Abe (abeouchi@) *E        
Atmosheric System Modeling Assoc. prof. Ryoichi Imasu (imasu@)     *N,S    
Ocean System Modeling prof. Hiroyasu Hasumi (hasumi@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Akira Oka (akira@) *E        
Climate Variability Research Climate Variability Research prof. Masahide Kimoto (kimoto@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Kentaro Suzuki (ksuzuki@)          
Comprehensive Climate Data Analysis prof. Yukari Takayabu (yukari@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Masahiro Watanabe(hiro@) *E        
Climate and Hydrology Research Assoc. prof. Kei Yoshimura (kei@)     *N *  
Physical Oceanography Ocean Circulation prof. Ichiro Yasuda (ichiro@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Eitaro Oka (eoka@)  *E       * 
Dynamic Marine Meteorology prof. Hiroshi Niino (niino@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Keita Iga (iga@) *E        
Ocean Variability Dynamics Assoc. prof. Shinzo Fujio (fujio@)     *N    
Chemical Oceanography Marine Inorganic Chemistry Assoc. prof. Hajime Obata (obata@) *C *A *N    
Marine Biogeochemistry prof. Toshi Nagata (nagata@) *B   *I    
Assoc. prof. Hiroshi Ogawa(hogawa@)     *N    
Marine Analytical Chemistry prof. Yuji Sano (ysano@) *E        
Ocean Floor Geoscience Marine Geology prof. Kyoko Okino (okino@) *E        
Assoc. prof. Juichiro Ashi (ashi@) *E   *N    
Submarine Geophysics prof. Toshitsugu Yamazaki(yamazaki@)     *N    
Assoc. prof. Jin-Oh Park (jopark@) *E        
Ocean Floor Geotectonics prof. Yusuke Yokoyama(yokoyama@) *E       * 
Marine Ecosystems Dynamics Marine Planktology prof. Atsushi Tsuda (tsuda@)   *A *I    
Assoc. prof. Hiroaki Saito (hsaito@)   *A      
Marine Microbiology Assoc. prof. Koji Hamasaki (hamasaki@)   *A      
Benthos prof. ShIgeaki Kojima (kojima@) *B   *N    
Assoc. prof. Yasunori Kano (kano@) *B        
Marine Bioscience Physiology Assoc. prof. Susumu Hyodo (hyodo@) *B *A      
Molecular Marine Biology Assoc. prof. Koji Inoue (inouek@) *B *A *N    
Behavior, Ecology and Observation Systems prof. Katsufumi Sato (katsu@)   *A *N    
Living Marine Resources Fisheries Environmental Oceanography prof. Shin-ichi Ito (goito@)   *A      
Assoc. prof. Kosei Komatsu (kosei@)   *A *N    
Fish Population Dynamics prof. Kunio Shirakihara (shirak@)   *A *N    
Assoc. prof. Kazuhiko Hiramatsu (khiramatsu@)    *A      
Biology of Fisheries Resources prof. Yoshiro Watanabe (ywatanab@)   *A      
Assoc. prof. Yoko Iwata (iwayou@)   *A      
International Coastal Research Center Coastal Ecosystem Assoc. prof. Kiyoshi Tanaka (ktanaka@)     *N    
Coastal Conservation prof. Jun Aoyama (jaoyama@)     *N    
Coastal Ecosystem Restoration prof. Tomohiko Kawamura (kawamura@)   *A,G      
Assoc. prof. Takashi Kitagawa
Center for International Cooperation International Scientific Planning prof. Yutaka Michida (ymichida@)     *N    
International Advanced Research prof. Mitsuo Uematsu (uematsu@) *E *A      
Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics Paleo-environmental Research prof. Hodaka Kawahata
Ecosystem Research Assoc. prof. Sachihiko Ito (itohsach@)   *A      
Genetic Research prof. Kazuhiro Kogure (kogure@)   *A *N,S    
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Assoc. prof. Masaki Sato (satoh@) *E        
Analytical Center for Environmental Study Environmental Analysis prof. Yusuke Yokoyama(yokoyama@) *E       *
Department of Collaborative Research Biological Oceanography prof. Shingo Kimura
  *A *N,S    

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