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Surface Ocean Variability in the North Pacific : Present and Future

Update: 06. 29, 2017

(Aug. 2-3, 2017)

Research Meeting in International Coastal Research Center

Date : August 2nd, 2017(Wed)13:00~17:10
         August 3rd, 2017(Thu)9:00~15:40
Venue : Otsuchi Central Public Hall
            32-126 Koduchi, Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture 028-1121, JAPAN
            Tel: +81–193–42–3030
Joint sponsorship : Otsuchi City Office
Organizers: Shusaku SUGIMOTO (FRIS, Tohoku University; sugimoto[at]
             Kiyoshi TANAKA (AORI, The University of Tokyo)


(**:Special talk、*: Invited talk)

August 2nd (Wed)                                                                                                              

13:00-13:10          Symposium opening

Session 1 Chair: Shusaku SUGIMOTO
13:10−14:00   Kimio HANAWA** (Tohoku Univ)
        My research history: Its historical background and colleagues
14:00−14:20   Katsutoshi FUKUZAWA (Univ of Tokyo)
        The amplification mechanism of meteo-tsunamis
14:20−14:45   Toru MIYAMA* (JAMSTEC)
        Marine heatwave: Warming of sea surface temperature of the Oyashio region in summer since 2010
14:45−15:05   Yu TAKAHASHI (Tokai Univ)
        Validation of global gridded data sets of surface wind/wind-stress
15:05−15:10   Kazuki HIDAKA (Tohoku Univ)
        Precipitation around Japan

Session 2 Chair: Satoshi OSAFUNE
15:25−15:45   HSU Po-Chun (Univ of Tokyo)
        Typhoon-induced ocean subsurface variations from glider data in the Kuroshio region adjacent to Taiwan
15:45−16:05   Masato KANAKUBO (Tohoku Univ)
        Short-time variation around the shelf region facing Kuroshio -using FORA-WNP30, ocean assimilation reanalysis dataset
16:05−16:25   Shinya SUZUKI (Tohoku Univ)
        Estimate of global ocean heat content using assimilation dataset, ESTOC
16:25−16:45   Mina SASAKI (Tohoku Univ)
        Variability of dissolved oxygen concentration inferred from JMA 137ºE observation
16:45−17:10   Eitarou OKA* (Univ of Tokyo)
        Toward unified understanding of decadal variability observed in the JMA 137E section

After session
18:30−                  Welcome party at “Sanzuro-ya”

August 3rd (Thu)                                                                                                               

Session 3 Chair: Shota KATSURA
9:00−9:20      Masatoshi MIYAMOTO (Univ of Tokyo)
        Pathway and volume transport of deep circulation in the western North Pacific
9:20−9:45      Takao KAWASAKI* (Univ of Tokyo)
        Modeling study on the deep Pacific Ocean circulation
9:45−10:10     Takahiro TOYODA* (MRI, JMA)
        Ocean-sea ice state estimate by using an adjoint sea ice model

Session 4 Chair: Masatoshi MIYAMOTO
10:20−10:45   Satoshi OSAFUNE* (JAMSTEC)
        Decadal variations in the North Pacific in an ocean state estimation, ESTOC
10:45−11:05   Ryohei YAMAGUCHI (Tohoku Univ)
        Formation of the seasonal thermocline in the North Pacific
11:05−11:30   Shinji MASUDA* (JMA)
        Estimation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide column inventory using NO in the western North Pacific subtropical region
11:30−11:55   Shinya KOUKETSU* (JAMSTEC)
        An inference of variability of nutrient and DO distributions around the equatorial Pacific

Session 5 Chair: Takahiro TOYODA
13:00−13:25   Makoto KASHIWAI*
        Density inversion data in the Sea of Okhotsk
13:25−13:50   Kenichi NAKAGAWA* (Sendai Regional Headquaters, JMA)
        Forecasting technique of coastal sea surface temperature III
13:50−14:15   Takashi T. SAKAMOTO* (Univ of Tokyo)
        A modeling of Otsuchi Bay –Influence of the period of the winter surface wind to the mean circulation in the bay–
14:15−14:40   Shota KATSURA* (Univ of Tokyo)
        Laval Dispersal Process of Abalone in Otuchi Bay
14:40−15:05   Yoshimasa MATSUMURA* (Univ of Tokyo)
        A numerical study of double-diffusive intrusion under strong vertical shear

After session
15: 05−15:40         Discussion and closing

(**:Special talk 50 min, *:Invited talk 25 min, other 20 min)

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